The FORNEY Air Meter, Press-AireTM Meter

The Press-AireTM Meter is the industry's most popular kit for testing entrained air. Whether going into the Ready Mix truck or coming down the chute, it gives fast results. Always accurate. The kit contains everything needed to perform the test and -- very importantly-- to keep the unit in calibration.

FORNEY sells a whole range of equipment for testing fresh mix concrete.

Everything for testing entrained air in fresh mix concrete, repairs, maintenance and calibrating

It is important to keep equipment well maintained and in calibration in order to achieve reliable and accurate readings every time. FORNEY offers (1) single items, (2) complete kits, (3) repair programs, (4) fast calibration aids, (5) repair kits and (6) replacement parts - all available from stock for next day delivery.

(1) Press-Aire Meter, Unit
(2) Press-Aire Meter Kit

Super Pump
Press-Aire Meter Unit
Tamping Rod
Strike-off Bar
Calibration vessel, brass
Inside Calibration Tube
Outside Calibration Tube
Carrying Case
Parts List
(3) Air Meter Repair Program
(4) Econo-Cal Calibration Vessel
(5) Repair Kit: Gasket Repair Kit

FORNEY Air Meter - Press-AireTM Meter Unit

  • Fastest testing, clean-up and calibration           
  • Lightweight, durable and compact           
  • Best price           

    This unit measures the air content in fresh compacted concrete. It consists of 2 main parts: the base (measuring chamber) and the cover assembly. It is supplied complete with calibration set.

    The cast aluminium base, of cylindrical shape, has machine-flanged rims. The interior surfaces of the base and surfaces of rims, flanges and other component fitted parts are machined – these tapered, smooth surfaces facilitate frequent water clean-up. The unit is especially designed for easy disassembly in order to replace worn or damaged parts in the field.

    The cover assembly incorporates a pressure gauge, air release lever, air bleeder valve, air pump and valves and petcocks used to perform both tests and calibrations according to ASTM C231. In order to seal the cover to the base, there are 4 rugged stainless steel clamps with quick locking action. The unit is unaffected by changes in barometric pressure. These clamps are resistant to corrosion from concrete and they are easier to use and significantly less expensive to replace than older design clamps.

    The new high-volume Super Pump requires fewer strokes to attain the test pressures. The check valve eliminates older design O-ring seal problems. The brass petcocks have ball valves for easy, durable operation.

    The large 4 inch diameter sealed gauge with adjustable pointer and stainless steel case is durable and easy to read and calibrate. It provides direct pressure reading in the nearest 0.1% up to 6% and 0.2% from 6 to 10%.

    The unit conforms to ASTM C231, Meter Type B, and uses the principle of Boyle’s Law. The base has a capacity of 1/4 cubic feet. It can also be used for unit weight, volume and bulk density determinations in field conditions. ASTM C-231 requires a capacity at least 0.20 ft3 (0.006 m3).

    FORNEY Air Meter Kit - Press-AireTM Meter Kit

    The Kit (LA-0316) contains everything to conduct the test and everything for easy calibration. See details of Press-Aire Meter Unit above and details of all components below.

    Contents of the Kit:

    Super Pump

    The Super Pump LA-0316-22 adds air to the sealed air chamber. Once the initial pressure is reached, the air is released into the vessel containing the concrete and the percentage of entrained air can be determined.

    The Super Pump is an important part of the Air Meter. It must be properly maintained to prevent air leakage. O-rings on the top of the pump and on the inside seal the unit. When the O-rings deteriorate, air can leak into the chamber and or debris can enter the pump. Some customers prefer the time-saving convenience of simply replacing the Super Pump, but FORNEY also sells a handy Gasket Repair Kit.

    The syringe is used to introduce additional water into the base through the petcock until water is expelled through the opposite petcock. This insures that the 1/4 cubic foot base is completely full of water as per ASTM C231. Made of long lasting treated rubber. Simple but effective. LA-0305-28
    Tamping Rod
    The Tamping Rod is used to "rod" the wet concrete specimen in order to consolidate each of three equal layers added separately until the bucket is full. It is a straight, plated steel rod 5/8 inch (16 mm) in diameter and approximately 24 inch (600 mm) in length, with both ends rounded to hemispherical tip. The Tamping Rod is frequently used in other fresh mix tests. LA-0280
    Straight Edge
    The aluminium Straight Edge / Strike off Bar measures 1/8 inches x 1 inch x 13-1/2 inches long. It is used to strike off the top surface of the concrete by sliding the strike-off bar across the top flange or rim of the base with a sawing motion until the bowl is just level full, as per ASTM C231. The rim of the base is machined to exact planeness. LA-0316-34
    Calibration Vessel
    The calibration vessel is made of durable, non-corrosive brass. During the calibration procedure it is filled with water taken from the base. When the calibration vessel is full, 5% of the volume has been removed from the base. The calibration procedure is finished when the pressure gauge indicates the same result. LA-0316-31-B
    Bent Calibration Tube
    The bent aluminium tube is used during calibration. It is screwed into corresponding threads in the particular petcock that also holds the straight calibration tube on the underside of the lid. This bent tube guides water flow into the calibration vessel. LA-0316-32

    Straight Calibration Tube
    The short, straight aluminium tube is screwed into corresponding threads on the underside of the lid at the location of the petcock with the bent tube already attached on top of the lid. Its function is to extend deep enough into the bowl of the base so that water can be siphoned to fill the calibration vessel during calibration. LA-0316-33

    Carrying Case
    The seamless, molded case is manufactured of specially toughened polyethylene, a rugged high density plastic. The air-cushioned double walls enable it to to withstand rough field conditions and rough transport over many seasons - far better than the older wooden and metal cases. The special mechanical hinges manufactured of non-cracking polyethylene allow the case to open and lie horizontally yet resist clogging - a common complaint in the older cases.

    For maximum protection during rough transport, the interior compartment of the easy-carry case is moulded and shaped to the dimensions of the Air Meter unit and its various accessories. Bosses extend from the lid to secure the accessories to their indentations. All components are held tightly in place. LA-0316-38

    Parts List
    A complete parts list is shipped inside every case so that ordering replacement parts is always quick and easy. Parts list includes part numbers, quantity required and a line drawing identifies each component location LA-0316-27
    Instructions for both performing the test and for calibrating the unit are provided in two forms:
    (A) Laminated Instructions
    The plastic laminated instruction label -- a unique Forney feature -- is glued to the inside of every case so that operation and calibration instructions are always readily available. Instructions derived from ASTM C231 are easy to read and follow steps; a line drawing of the Press-Aire Meter identifies key components.
    (B) Downloadable pdf of Instructions
    Downloadable FREE as a pdf -- part of the FREE Information Kit (below). Always available. Always readable. LA-0316-23

    Repair Program

    The Forney Customer Care Department has a full-time staff of professional repair personnel with a large inventory of repair parts. Call for shipping instructions or simply ship FORNEY items marked to the attention of "FORNEY Repair Department." Let us know if you require a written estimate. The service is also available for most brands of air meter.

    Before         After

    Air Meter repairs are normally completed within five business days. The Repair Program includes cleaning the vessel by sand-blasting, re-calibrating the gauge and general cleaning of all parts - all for a competitive flat-rate labor charge of $99. The cost of any replacement parts or materials that may have been used in this repair is charged at list price. Please call for complete details. FORNEY also repairs and rebuilds compression testing machines, concrete test hammers, recording thermometers, hydraulic pumps, valves and digital readouts. Call for details.

    Calibration Aids
    The Econo-Cal is an ASTM approved vessel that is placed inside the measuring bowl of the base during calibration to simplify the calibration processs. It eliminates the need for the 3 separate calibration tools shipped with the kit -- inside and outside tube and the brass calibration vessel. LA-0316-94
    Repair Kit
    The Universal Gasket Kit contains the necessary components to replace all the soft washers and O-rings in all FORNEY air meters and all other brands. LA-0316-60

    The Test Procedure

    The test procedure equalizes a known volume of air in the pressure chamber, with the unknown value of entrained air in the concrete-filled base. The amount of air entrained is then read on the meter's gauge as the direct percentage (to the nearest 0.1%) of air entrained in the concrete. The test is based on Boyle's law. Also known as "Type B". See Full Instructions or refer to ASTM.

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